Личный кабинет для учеников мастер-классов
Личный кабинет для учеников курса:
«Как поступить в Италию и не свихнуться»
University of Pavia
Китай, Урумчи
Год поступления: 2020
As the first Chinese student that Kira has dealt with. She and her team was definitely amazing! From the very first step from choosing university and revising the letter of motivation, to finding an accommodation, Kira has been helping us like a sister. No matter how complicated the situation was, she always provided me the alternative solutions, and the most important thing was mental support.

Cuz the application procedure sometimes can be really stressing bcz of so many uncertainties. But Kira always cheered me up and time by time, there is some mutual trust between us. When she says "It will be alright." I really do believe so, and I hope you will also believe in her!

This year bcz of my own personal issues, I couldn't apply for scholarships on time, but Kira still offered me that she will help me next year. I was truly touched. She is a wonderful girl who loves her job, she had been through all these alone, so she always understand each of you. I am truly grateful to meet her and her team. Thank you for what you are doing right now, and I am really glad to see the team is getting greater, the influence from other media platforms is also growing, it is so excited to see. Wish you the all the best!